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Our Story

 Growing up, I was a hunter and spent a great deal of time learning to master the bow and arrow.  A bow must be dialed in and properly released consistently to provide repeatable results near the bulls eye.  In addition to the bow, arrows must be properly fletched to provide stable flight along a carefully planned trajectory.  What some may view as a primitive device, the bow and arrow are incredibly accurate, dependable, and highly technical.  Much like a bow and arrow, complex IT solutions require balancing precision and accuracy.  4 Arrows Consulting strives to provide highly technical and decisive solutions to our customer's most challenging problems.  

At a deeper level, 4 Arrows' primary objective is to create positive culture change that builds long term sustainability.  After more than 15 years of building solutions for government clients in the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and State and Local governments,  I reached out to some of my brightest and talented colleagues to join me in the launch of 4 Arrows.    As I began supporting our customers in finding solutions to some of their most challenging problems, the overall mission of impacting my local culture began to resonate with me.  Because of that, 4 Arrows was formed to not only embark on new projects, but also  to focus on providing direct impacts to our employees and their local communities. As a firm, we  are committed to investing in our employees' local communities as a necessity to sustainment. 

Whether you are an established company wanting to expand your IT development, or a local business needing strategic program development , 4 Arrows can partner with you achieve your goals.  We look forward to doing business with you.  


David Blakeman, PMP/MEPP

CEO, 4 Arrows Consulting, Inc


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